Starting your RPA Journey – A Guide to Intelligent Automation

Author: Amanda Rae

Automation is no longer the wave of the future but very much the now. In the post covid world of inflation and the challenge of finding qualified staff is more difficult than ever. Starting your RPA Journey can be a cost-effective way to take pressure off your team.  

WonderBotz is here to help you wherever you are on your RPA Journey. If that’s getting started right, or helping you scale up your existing automations to create the kind of ROI that moves the needle. Here are a few things to consider as you navigate the world of Intelligent Automation.

3 Things to consider when starting an RPA program

1. Start with Scale in Mind – The myth of starting small

Graph showing how much money can be saved by working with the right RPA Partner

It can be tempting to start with small automations to test the idea, get your feet wet, prove to the leadership team it’s worth it.  This idea sounds good, and emotionally it is. In a business sense, it is difficult to make small automations create a meaningful ROI. We are defining a return on investment as completely covering the budgets for your time, software fees, development costs, and training.

Far too often it’s a great idea that happened in accounting that took 8 months to figure out 2 months to implement and then half of the team still insists on doing it the old way. Then the project dies. A successful automation program must quickly transition from a cost center to a profit center to be maintained.  

When you start with Scale in mind you design interlocking pieces utilizing the core software licenses to update multiple areas of the business. All of the systems talk to each other becoming easier to train and with higher adoption rates among your staff.  

We specialize in helping your company break down your automation goals into, early wins, prime candidates, and backlog ideas. Going after early wins firsts allows you to build automation pipeline that quickly gets to self-sustaining (saving more than it costs). Having your round 2 and backlog ideas ready lets you capitalize on your new software licenses by automating more and more pieces over time and continuing to improve your RIO.

How to get started with RPA – A Customer Success Story

2. Score early wins – How to identify what to automate first

Wonderbotz tool GENIE helps you determine which business processes to automate first.

Each business is unique, you have different operations and considerations for your market. Where to start can be challenging. If you want to take a holistic view of your company’s automation possibilities we have an amazing new tool, GENIE, that will give you a top-down look at all your automation potentials.

However, our definition of the rather nebulous term “low-hanging fruit” is to look at the parts of all businesses that are more or less the same. Accounting and Finance have many processes that are excellent starts for automation, in fact its what we specialize in.  

If you need a suit for a wedding tomorrow, you don’t have a custom suit made. You buy one off the shelf and have it express tailored. It’s cheaper, faster, and serves your purpose well. The same applies here.  We have helped hundreds of businesses automate their finance and accounting suites. Using AI, our robots have learned from these use cases thousands of variations and gotten really good at it.  

We have created a suite of prebuilt automation solutions that are easy to implement, quick to customize, and fast to see value. The Back-Office-Bundle gives you a cloud or local based RPA platform to get started fast. It allows you to monitor all existing and new automation projects and add on as you go keeping costs low at every phase of your RPA Journey.

Back Office automation suite by Wonderbotz logo Finance and Accounting Automation

If you do have the time (the wedding is not tomorrow) we love building custom automation solutions for you. Creating reusable code that works with any automation licenses keeping your programs platform agnostic.

3. Understanding your RPA licensing agreements

The cost of entry can be high for any intelligent automation program. Once you are over the sticker shock, understanding what you are buying is the next hurdle. Do you need an annual or use-based license? Do you need the full suite or 4 or the 17 pieces on offer? Even worse many of the contracts are written in legalese so deep that it takes a certification to understand. 

RPA License Icon with a magnifying glass showing key points when starting your RPA Journey

WonderBots has played the game for a long time. We understand the ins and outs both of the offerings and the licensing agreements in the RPA field. We believe in pay as you go models that allow you to get started correctly on platforms that have immense scale potential. But you don’t need to pay for the year 3 scale in the first six months. 

Resellers can get a bad rap as middlemen who mark things up. At WonderBotz we break things down and package them into reasonable investments that deliver fast value. We want to see your automation program grow consistently over time and prove its value each step of the way.  

Are you ready to start your RPA Journey?

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