RPA Cloud Migration -
Why Secure Cloud is the Critical Path to AI Readiness

Author: Amanda Rae

Business technology is evolving faster than ever before and automation technology is changing with it. Traditional enterprise automation, housed in onsite physical servers, is expensive to maintain and even more so to upgrade. Migrating your RPA program to a secure cloud solution is the critical path to AI Readiness and scaling your automation program. Read on to learn how private secure cloud solutions offer enormous flexibility and data security. They integrate technologies from different vendors, scale capabilities as you need them, and take advantage emerging AI technologies.

RPA Infrastructure Options– Cloud vs On-Prem Servers

computer connected to on prem servers or the cloud for RPA Cloud Migration

In the past, on-premise physical servers were the only secure way to host an RPA program. As the word becomes more global enterprises are expanding. They span multiple locations, serve differing markets, and often include outsourced or offshore staff.  

In the last 3 years, only clients with specific data management security demands need to stay with on-prem solutions… and now even that is changing.

By 2026, 75% of organizations will adopt a digital transformation model predicated on cloud as the fundamental underlying platform.

– Gartner® Predicts 2023: The Continuous Rising Tide of Cloud Lifts All Boats, Published 9 March

Cloud RPA infrastructures are easier to adjust for scale and demand. With no physical hardware to purchase or install, organizations have access to more processing power. They can spin up new environments, connect to emerging technologies, and integrate with their legacy systems. Private secure cloud solutions are enabling even companies with the highest data security requirements to safely experience the benefits of cloud computing and AI technology.  

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Use a certified RPA Cloud Migration service provider to avoid errors in your cloud migration

No technology implementation is without risk, and RPA Cloud Migration is no exception. Interruption of current automation workflows and disruption of the day-to-day business operations they support is the greatest concern.  

Understanding how cloud migration works allows you to weigh the risks. Working with an experienced Cloud Migration services provider makes Safe passage to the cloud is possible. 

1. How to Choose a Cloud Platform

Aria cloud turnkey solution to manage across intelligent automation platforms.

There are many options for Secure Cloud Providers. The first decision will be to go with your RPA platform’s cloud, a private Multi-Platform Could Solution, or go the DIY route and get an AWS account yourself. 

  • BPC and UiPath Cloud – Using the built in cloud options on an RPA platform like UiPath, or Blue Prism may be the easiest choice for simple automations. It does limit you to their partner integrations and for enterprises with multiple platforms or legacy systems it may mean redesigning your automations.  
  • AWS Direct – Going direct to the source and building your own private cloud environment can certainly be done through the AWS marketplace.  Here you are building from scratch, requiring the technical expertise to know what you need and build all the connectors in house. For this reason, AWS hosts an array of partner solutions
  • Private Managed RPA Cloud Solutions – Like the platform cloud solutions Private Managed RPA Cloud Solutions are built for purpose, many include built in connectors and integrations. The major difference is these solutions are platform agonistic. They can orchestrate existing automations from multiple RPA platforms and allow you to integrate the latest AI technologies from any vendor all in one easy to manage interface. 

2. Choosing the Right Cloud Migration Services Provider

Automation Migration, RPA Cloud Migration Case Study

Safely transferring your existing automations from on-premise to the cloud is best done by an expert Cloud Migration Service Provider.  

WonderBotz has been recognized both by Blue Prism and UiPath for exceptional delivery in cloud implementation. We are currently the only Certified provider in the Americas for Blue Prism Cloud Migration.

Certified partners protect business continuity as a top priority when upgrading automation infrastructure to enable new features. WonderBotz provides safe passage from on-prem to cloud, mitigating risk and preserving SLAs 

– Steve LaValle, Co-CEO of WonderBotz 

The other consideration when choosing a Cloud Migration Service provider is speed. How long does Cloud Migration take? Understanding the scope of your migration project and having a secure Cloud migration strategy in place will allow a provider to give you an estimate for how quickly your migration can be completed. WonderBotz again is at the forefront of industry standards, migrating 120 automations in under 6 months with no business disruption. 

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3. Establishing your RPA Cloud Migration Strategy  

Automation assessment

Once you have chosen your provider and the platform, the last step in your success is creating a solid RPA Cloud Migration Strategy.  

There are several key components of How to perform a cloud migration: 

RPA Assessment – This includes defining the scope of your existing RPA Program to create a catalog of your existing automations and platforms. It includes a code review to ensure your automations are compatible with a cloud platform and ready for integration with AI technology.  

Expansion and integration of AI technology – This is the time to map your automation expansion goals. How you will scale your RPA program and what new technologies are available to augment your current software stack.  

Safe Passage to the Cloud – This is the execution step where automations are migrated onto the cloud platform and rigorously tested. Once everything is in place the hand off should be seamless as more and more of your automation catalogue moves to the cloud.  

Cloud computing is driving the next phase of digital business, as organizations pursue disruption through emerging technologies like generative artificial intelligence (AI) 

Gartner® Press Release April 19, 2023

Secure Cloud is the Critical Path to AI Readiness

GENIE CoWorker Icon for WonderBotz secure On-Prem ChatGPT

Generative AI is the hottest topic on the technology scene. But there are serious data security concerns when employees accidently include proprietary company information in ChatGPT queries.   

Bloomberg law was one of the first to uncover the scope of the risk in their article Employers Should Consider These Risks When Employees Use ChatGPT. It outlines the need for secure GPT options and the risks of sending secure company data over the internet using third party GPT applications.

Adding Generative AI capabilities to your secure cloud solution allows companies to provide the productivity benefits that employees are looking for, while keeping your data secure.

Graphic of the 5 benefits of moving to the Aria Cloud RPA Infrastructure

RPA and AI Come together in one Secure Cloud Solution

ARIA Cloud provides built-for-purpose secure automation cloud infrastructure. Our Fully Managed Cloud Solution provides your organization with a centralized command center to orchestrate all of your automation technologies. It integrates: 

  • Automations from Multiple RPA platforms 
  • The newest AI and machine learning technologies from any provider 
  • Automatic updates to your software, making sure you automations are secure and running smoothly 
  • The ability to scale quickly adding additional capabilities as needed.  

ARIA Cloud forms the central hub of our RPA as a Service offering where we do all the heavy IT lifting allowing business units to stand up new automation capabilities quickly.  

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