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Author: Amanda Rae

WonderBotz presents RPA as a Managed Service, bringing together the technology, infrastructure, and expertise you need to start or scale your Automation Program.

For years leading RPA software companies have offered difficult pricing structures that require you to buy a huge number of pieces to get your RPA stack to function. Then there are IT challenges around infrastructure, hosting, and maintenance. Will you use your company’s existing physical or cloud hosting? How will the demands of the RPA program change as you scale? Is your current company infrastructure set up to expand with you? Does your IT team have the man power to handle this new demand?

Using an RPA Managed Service Provider

RPA Managed Services

Using an RPA Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help you navigate the many considerations when starting or scaling an intelligent automation program in your organization. 

Missteps can be costly, hindering the leadership support for the program and dragging down promised ROIs.

Working with an MSP takes a lot of the risk and technical challenge out of your RPA initiative. They can help you choose the correct RPA software toolkit for your needs and manage the infrastructure challenges for you.

To help our clients avoid stumbling blocks, our new offerings move customers from a DIY approach to managed infrastructure, or an SaaS mode. RPA as a Managed Service combines fully managed infrastructure, best-of-breed RPA technology, and Surge capacity, all at lower prices than purchasing traditional RPA licenses. Let us manage the infrastructure and hosting, so you can focus on building the automations that drive your business forward and equate to ROI. (Or have us build them… we can do that too!) 

We are making best-of-breed RPA technology accessible to any size organization.

Understanding your Digital Workforce and RPA Licensing

UiPath Robot working digital bpo for wonderbotz clients

Every automation is a code, a series of instructions for actions that your robot, a digital worker, will perform. Like a human office worker, each robot can only do one thing at a time. They can do different tasks in order but only one thing at a time.

Traditionally, you would determine the number of automations you need to run simultaneously, then calculate how many robot licenses you need.

For most companies using Finance and Accounting automation, the end-of-month, quarterly reporting and year-end are times of extra high demand. To close the books properly, many tasks must be completed over the same few day period. This often results in 14 robots being used 3 days a month, and only 8 in use the other 27 days. In this system the hosting, virtual machines, and robot licenses for the underused 6 robots are wasted most of the time.

Using an MSP allows you the flexibility to use as many digital workers as you need when you need them, without having to overbuy Robot licenses and hosting. With Surge Capacity, we can build you a package with 9 software robots with enough capacity to handle your day-to-day operations, plus a little extra on a busy day. For high demand instances we can lend you the extra robots you need on a daily or monthly basis. Surge Capacity operates the same way as overtime, you pay more during a volume spike but less than hiring an additional robot all year.

Let us handle your RPA Infrastructure

Using ARIA Cloud we can bring all of your orchestration and hosting together into one seamless portal.

Each robot “lives” in a virtual machine in the cloud. This is its home office, where it performs its work. This space can be purchased per robot, rather than having to purchase a whole server to house your robots on-premise. Our cloud solution allows for easy, predictable cost of scale. With volume pricing your per-unit cost actually goes down as you grow your RPA program.

Aria cloud turnkey solution to manage across intelligent automation platforms.

ARIA handles your robot and RPA software management through one orchestrator. Having all of your software housed together allows the ARIA dashboards to create snapshots of your RPA program for company leadership. Because ARIA Cloud is multi-platform, it allows you company to quickly and easily pilot additional capabilities. Document understanding, AI decision making, intelligent chat, and process discovery tools can all be added to your automation tool kit.

Boost Speed to Value with Prebuilt RPA Solutions

Back office automation icon for Wonderbotz Finance and Accounting RPA software

There are some processes that are specific to each business and require custom RPA development. But there are many areas of business that are similar.

Using Prebuilt automation solutions short-cut development time and start delivering value right away.  Our Finance and Accounting Suite is a great kickstart to any automation journey. Special pricing is available when bundled with your managed services contract.

To get you started our ETL Essentials tool is included for all of our MSP customers.

Get the RPA Professional help you need built into your RPA as a Service Package

Included in your RPA as a Managed Service package is a version of our Backstop Support Services for the first few months.   

This super flexible service allows your team to tap into our industry leading group of RPA developers, Solution Architects, RPA Controllers and Business Analysis. You get a block of hours each month to use however you need. They can offer advice on your roadmap, troubleshoot a tricky problem, or build a custom automation element for you.

Backstop support services icon for WonderBotz RPA professional Services

We want to provide whatever you need to keep your RPA project flowing.

If you would prefer a more hands on approach our Co-pilot developer team can mentor your team to success for your first RPA build.

What an RPA as a Managed Service Package might look like

Each package will be customized to your company’s specific automation goals. We will focus on the capabilities you need now, and make it easy to add more as you scale.  

  • Platform Options – Start with a best-of-breed RPA platform like UiPath or Blue Prism. Add additional Low-Code, AI, IDP, OCR, Conversational AI, Process/Task Mining, and Automation Orchestration Platforms to meet your goals. 
  • Hosting and Infrastructure – Cloud hosted RPA Infrastructure is included in your package. We host your full RPA infrastructure with AWS. You have access to the full suite of capabilities through our ARIA Cloud portal.  
  • Backstop Support – Get the launch phase help you need to configure, develop, and manage your RPA program.  
  • Surge Capacity – Get the extra robot capacity you need to process volume spikes, and pay for only for the overtime hours you use.  

Talk to a member of our team about your automation goals and how we can build the perfect RPA tool kit for you 

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