Exciting new uses for ChatGPT and AI in Automation Technology

Author: Amanda Rae

The internet is abuzz with conflicting stories about ChatGPT. Some think it’s the best invention ever, and others fear that AI technology will take jobs from people and ruin creative fields. Let’s look at both sides and at the applications for Chat GPT and AI in Automation Technology.

What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a new chatbot that uses “large language models” to understand prompts posed by users and create answers to their questions.  It is a Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, meaning that the AI has been pre-trained with a huge amount of vocabulary as well as vast general knowledge.  

ChatGPT, like all AI, makes predictions. It can predict from the prompt what information the user is seeking. It generates an original string of words that mimic the way humans write and can deliver encyclopedia level information.

That sounds amazing – and it is. However, the accuracy rate of this information varies. Using it to generate ideas in creative fields is great, using it to ask for legal advice may not be so wise. The real skill with using this technology is the quality of the prompt. As Tony Robins said, “The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask.” and that is still true here.

The Impact of ChatGPT on the Market

Many fields are seeing applications for “Large Language Models.” Marketing and Journalism were among the first to chime in. There are both supporters and detractors. But the fear that it will wipe out the need for human writing is still a bit premature. Editing, fact checking, and confirming the tone fits the intended purpose are still vital checks on the outputs of this new technology.  

The text the AI generates can be very compelling, but in fields where accuracy is vital, getting output that’s “something like what someone said” rather than an exact quote can cause problems.

These models are trying to come up with text that is plausible according to their model. Something that seems like the kind of thing that would be written. They’re not necessarily trying to be truthful.

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ChatGPT and AI in Automation Technology

The first application that comes to mind is the improvement of ChatBot technology. ChatGPT is an AI that has been pre-trained with a vast field of general data. Companies can add data about their specific products, customer needs, and other FAQ’s. Retraining a version of this AI to include this specific data can create a compelling customer experience with much higher levels of accuracy.

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The more complete the internal data set your company has, the more applications for predictive responses become available. From ChatBotz, to predictive writing for standard emails, to answering internal company training questions, the possibilities are vast.

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How we are Gathering Data using AI Technology

GENIE AI powered process discovery tool by Wonderbotz

Assembling internal company data is always a challenge. GENIE – the Enterprise Intelligence Tool is using advanced process intelligence trackers to collect that data and AI technology to understand it.  

The trackers follow company employees through their regular workflows, collecting data about their tasks, processes, and customer interactions.

The company data is then fed to the proprietary AI to process. GENIE uses this data to generate Process Definition Documents (PDD’s). These are detailed step by step task workflows that can be used for process improvement or automation projects.  

As the trackers continue to run, improved company data is compiled. This data can be used to verify and audit outputs from other AI’s like ChatGPT.

AI Continues to Evolve Automation Technology

Here are WonderBotz, we are pushing the envelope on how evolving AI technologies integrate with and augment our suite of RPA and Intelligent Automation software. We see a world of work where repetitive office tasks are outsourced to software robots, freeing humans to be more creative, solve bigger problems, and serve customers better.  

Our Botz continue to get smarter with the integration of AI Technologies. We use AI technologies for document understanding, process discovery, and exception handling. These advances allow us to automate complete end-to-end processes, rather than focusing on small 2–3-minute tasks.  We are evolving software robots into WonderBotz.

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