3 Key Strategies to Successfully Scale Your RPA Program

Author: Amanda Rae

In the current business economy, it has become clear that automation is the way forward. But how do you successfully scale your RPA program? How do you connect the pieces to create end-to-end flows that really move the needle? Here are our best suggestions to maximize your ROI and quickly scale your automation pipeline.

Here are our top 3 suggestions to successfully scale your RPA program

Standardization – Maximize your licensing fees

Many companies have already applied automations to specific business processes. There is one super cool automation to do “this”. In another department there is a different automation with its own licenses and software does “that” really well. Perhaps there is another one that does not do “those” tasks so well, and actually does not get used by its department. Each of department is paying for their own software licensing and none of them are talking to each other.

Standardizing your automation systems creates a series of quick wins: 

  • Decrease in software licensing costs 
  • Automations across the company integrate and work together 
  • Updates, technology advances, and additional automations are easy to add and push out company-wide.  

Developing a strategy to standardize what you currently have into a plan to successfully scale your RPA program may require help. Choosing a partner who has experience working with multiple automation platforms makes your migration faster and easier. WonderBotz has been recognized as a preferred provider by both UiPath and Blue Prism.  

Our new manage services offerings bring all of your RPA technologies together through the ARIA Cloud platform. This approach lets us optimize your licenses further by applying a consumption-based pricing model so you only pay for the work your robots are doing.  

Find out more about WonderBotz Managed Services and how we can help hyper-optimize all of your RPA software. 

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2. Get clear on what to automate next with Automation Discovery

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Automation Discovery is the start of your automation pipeline.  It generates the list of ideas, dreams, and practical applications for the automations you wish to build. Once you have your list assembled it is easier to prioritize your automation goals and plan the resources you will need in coming quarters. 

Innovation is critical for businesses to remain successful. The same is true in automation. To deliver more value each quarter your automation program must continue to grow and improve. 

Plan your work, work your plan, use your backlog. 

We recommend 2 solutions to help you tackle this key element in RPA success: 

  • The first, most familiar, and cheapest solution is our Automation Discovery Workshop. It will allow your team to submit their requests, goals, and use cases for management to prioritize and execute.  
  • The second is a fully automated AI-based process discovery tool called GENIE. It will determine which tasks have the highest automation potential and create the task maps needed to automate those processes. Enterprise-level companies or those with Hyperautomation goals may want to go for this option.

3. Adding Prebuilt Solutions

The fastest way to fully implemented automations that deliver immediate value are prebuilt solutions. Here at WonderBotz, we have helped hundreds of companies create successful RPA programs. We have discovered that most industries have areas of the business that operate similarly. The finance and accounting departments of most companies are great examples of similar processes. 

After helping hundreds of companies automate these core elements of their business, we have developed our own prebuilt solutions suite called the Back-Office-Bundle. Starting or standardizing your back-office automation stack creates huge value, often paying back its investment in the first year.  

Where to Start, to Successfully Scale your RPA Program

Scaling, updating, and evolving your existing automation program as business needs evolve is the key to increasing value year over year. Standardization of existing automations, creating your automation backlog, and adding Prebuilt Solutions are keys to successfully scale your RPA Program. The last step is choosing the right partner to bring in the expertise needed to get you there. 

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