Accelerating Digital Transformation through Hyperautomation

Digital transformation is a way for companies to modernize their business process landscape to deliver increased agility, improved process efficiencies, and enhanced customer experience. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is helping enterprises realize this goal by optimizing employee productivity and increasing business efficiency.

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Balancing the Automation Budget: Business-led IT spend

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) has evolved over the last 5 years making it complex for analysts, platforms, and partners to align on which business unit should ultimately be responsible for this capability. Universally it appears that we can all agree enterprise automation is called “Automation at Scale” as referenced by Gartner in their report, Automate Business Operations to Scale Your Digital Business and will occur when we begin to connect the dots of adjacent solutions and technologies used within modern RPA programs. It can also be concluded that while there is a certain amount of tech involved in a successful automation program, it is equally important to have business-led sponsorship for enterprise automation because the business logic must be factored in.

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UiPath AI Center Use Cases: Part 1

Benefits of AI-Enabled RPA

By Nisarg Kadam, UiPath MVP | Senior Consultant at WonderBotz

UiPath AI Center has always surprised me with incredible out-of-the-box Machine Learning models. The AI Center doesn’t just make the models easy to deploy but also enables hassle-free management while continuously improving the machine learning models. Users can simply drag and drop ML models into a workflow and begin building strong cognitive automation. The best part of using UiPath AI Center is that the developer of this process doesn’t have to be a data scientist. All you have to do is go through the instructional documents and begin paving your way into the world of AI-enabled RPA. 

In this blog, we will:

  • Focus on UiPath AI Center Text Classification Machine Learning models
  • Review Language Translation Machine Learning models
  • Glance at use cases and industry value of these models
  • Cover Text Classification which now also supports multi-language and increases the scope of ML in RPA. AI+RPA together can go beyond the expectations of RPA evolution 
  • Look at how to leverage these out-of-the-box packages to grow your business with AI-Enabled RPA
  • Review use cases that we can automate with the help of UiPath’s AI Center
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Returning to work with Digital Workers: A Message for CFOs

This morning, my firm, WonderBotz was asked to contribute to a discussion hosted by The CFO Leadership Council. The sponsors of the New York City chapter are comprised of service and technology experts. We gathered together to share the work our firms have been doing to assist CFO clients with the surge in operational demands experienced as a result of Covid-19, and how best to prepare themselves and their organizations to reopen New York. We discuss how finance leaders should be learning about and leveraging finance & accounting process automation across their departments.