WonderBotz is a leading provider of Intelligent Automation software and services. We wanted to simplify the complexity behind the AI conversation.

5-10 years ago, the only way to build an Intelligent Automation program was to create your own CoE (Center of Excellence). Which can cost half a million dollars and take up to 2 years to see the start of ROI in terms of TCO.

In the age of AI, that is not the fastest path to ROI. With a Managed Service Intelligent Automation model from WonderBotz, you don’t have to own the operations, talent, org structure or the build & maintenance, and can still expect tremendous results.

We are doing whatever it takes to ensure our customers’ success in their new Automation Program.
To ensure first year ROI, we will split the cost of your Robot Licenses with you.*
Welcome to the family!

Why Managed Service?

  • 40-60% lower cost to start an AI-powered digital transformation
  • Payback on investment in 4- 6 months
  • Prebuilt solutions that can significantly reduce time to value
  • Multi-shore, 400+ production support team that provides round the clock coverage
  • The right talent at the right time on demand

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*Offer for New Customers of our Intelligent Automation Managed Service only.
Will be delivered on an industry leading platform.
Discount includes up to 50% off the robot license fees for the first year of a 3 year commitment – subject to credit approval.
May not be available in every geography.