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Traditional RPA has gotten smarter, that's why we call it Intelligent Automation

AI is unlocking enhanced efficiencies and the ability to automate processes that were too complex for RPA alone. We are operationalizing AI, making it an integral part of your Intelligent Automation strategy.

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WonderBotz FAQ

What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent Automation (IA) is the modern version of business process automation. RPA + AI = IA.  Traditional RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tools are augmented with AI capabilities to create “smart automations” that can tackle more complex end-to-end automations.  
Check out our Intelligent Automation Solutions for Finance and Accounting.

How do we help customers integrate AI into their automation program?

AI decision making and Generative AI technologies are making automation smarter. Adding AI to your existing RPA tech stack enables your digital workers to take on more complex tasks and unlocks greater productivity for your human staff.
Through our orchestration platform, customers can try out emerging technologies in a consumption-based model before having to commit to purchase software licenses. Check out our AI Services page.

What is RPA as a Service (RPAaaS)? 

RPA as a Service (RPAaaS) is a cloud-based delivery model for robotic process automation (RPA) software. It allows businesses to automate their business processes without having to invest in and maintain their own RPA infrastructure.

RPAaaS providers offer a subscription-based pricing model, which makes it easy for businesses to get started with RPA without having to make a large upfront investment 

What are Enterprise AI Solutions?

Enterprise AI solutions have more cybersecurity considerations than direct to consumer products. Enterprise Generative AI and ChatGPT solutions must be built to run on private networks and be used by hundreds or thousands of users globally. They must prevent damage caused by leakage of PPI or proprietary information onto the internet. 

Digital decisioning AI is applied to an enterprise automation program to allow digital workers to take on more complex tasks. This enables end-to-end Intelligent Automations to be built at scale. 

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