Training and Mentoring

Our training and mentoring services will turn enthusiastic participants into great RPA practitioners. We have invested into these programs, and train and support our people the same way. As we tell our clients, if your robotics provider cannot make your people great, then how could you expect their resources to be great!
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November Robotics 101
(new to Blue Prism)

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October Robotics 102
(Blue Prism developers)

Training your RPA resources

We provide classroom-based training and boot camps covering basic, intermediate, and advanced topics and features spanning out-of-the-box functionality, step-by-step configuration scenarios, and compilation excercises, and advanced design leading practices for solution resiliency and scalability. Our approach emphasizes core concepts and functionalities while setting the groundwork for team-based knowledge sharing.

RPA curriculum and milestones

  • Availability is first come/first served and enrollment is subject to acceptance by WonderBotz
  • Companies may sponsor classes for their employees (8 person minimum)
  • WonderBotz will invite qualified participants to sit for Blue Prism Developer Accreditation exam upon completion of the 102 course*
RPA 101: Essential Features (for Blue Prism®)
Broader than Blue Prim Foundations, this week-long course concludes with the hands-on Blue Prism consolidation exercise.

RPA 102: Advanced Techniques (for Blue Prism®)
Qualified participants will be given the option to take the Blue Prism® Developer Accreditation Exam at the end of the boot camp.

RPA 151: Strategy and Road Map
Equips RPA business analysts from setting strategy through defining and documenting processes for developers. This class builds upon our RPA 101 Essential Features class.

A simulation-based program that prepares participants for success on project teams. It builds upon our RPA 101 and 102 classes.

RPA 301: Professional Developer Boot Camp (for Blue Prism®)
A simulation and discussion-based program for solution architects and advanced developers. This course prepares participants for the Blue Prism® Professional Developer Accreditation Exam.

Recent Thought Leadership

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Share our expertise

Methods, techniques and leading practices are your best way to build resilient and scalable robotics solutions. Our belief that speed and scale are critical for maximizing robotics value was the driving factor behind our RPA Value Framework and 7D approach. Our training is built around them.

WonderBotz RPA Value Framework and 7D Approach

Safeguard quality

Our design and configuration authority services are for organizations seeking to build and grow their internal robotics capabilities.

Design Authority

Getting both the solution and detailed designs right and then verifying the resultant automation conforms to the designs is key to maintainable and scalable automation. Our experts apply a multi-point approach to review your solution and detailed designs, advise on improvements and verify that the automation built conforms to the approved design.

Configuration Authority

Complementing our Design Authority reviews, our experts will perform deep dives into your developed applications to ensure that they comply with leading configuration practices for long-term maintainability and resilience. We apply a scorecard approach with recommendations for improvement.

We offer these services on a retainer basis to be on call to help resolve design and configuration challenges faced by developers and architects.