Become Self-Sufficient

Co-pilot with your developers

We’ll pair you with our experienced RPA experts who will work day-by-day with you as you build out your RPA program with your team. We’ll work with you to oversee planning and deployment, identify potential opportunities and roadblocks and help you solve problems in real time. We’ll be your temporary RPA master and partner, ensuring your program gets off the ground and succeeds.

Jumpstart your automation program

Like co-pilot, we’ll bring an advanced team of experts to work side-by-side with your team to learn, plan and manage the launch of your program. We don’t just provide advice and guidance, but we roll up our sleeves and join your team in getting the work done and done right.

Backstop your COE and developers

Backstop provides whatever else you need whenever you need it, accessing all of WonderBotz’s capabilities and provided as a help desk, offsite support function with extended business hours and access via email, trouble-ticket and telephone support. Backstop can also escalate to on-site support when needed. Backstop helps with:

  • Strategic advice
  • Design and configuration authority
  • Level 2 help desk
  • Debugging support
  • Infrastructure help
  • Questions