Purchase Blue Prism Software

We help organizations throughout the world license their Blue Prism software. We understand the needs of organizations that are starting out and scaling, understand how the software is bundled and priced, and can advise you on your best purchase options. Most importantly, we will streamline the procurement process. We have everything in place to quickly get software in your hands and working.

We can help you:

  • Decide licensing, bundling and service agreements
  • Determine quantity and negotiate price
  • Place the order and deliver the goods
  • Help you install
  • Train you on how to use it

What is Blue Prism?

Blue Prism provides a scalable and robust execution platform for best-of-breed AI and cognitive technologies. Through their RPA platform, Blue Prism’s intelligent digital workers provide business leaders with new operational capacity and intelligent skills to automate mission critical business processes while meeting the requirements of the most demanding IT environments, where security, compliance and enterprise-scalability, are paramount.

How Blue Prism defines a ‘Bot’

Each Blue Prism robot is like an extra member of your staff except they are not human and are virtual employees. Your “Intelligent Digital Workers” can change the process it is performing every minute if necessary. Just as with a human employee, each robot needs its own tools (e.g., computer), credentials and system access . Many processes can be assigned to a single digital worker and, likewise, many robots can be assigned to a single process.

How Blue Prism provides its software

Blue Prism licenses its software through value-adding resellers like WonderBotz. Their pricing model results in significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than “BOT” price models. The model is simple by design and equivalent to staffing human employees.

What you need to know:

  • Blue Prism licensing is subscription-based, typically over 3-5 year terms.
  • Only the production run-times are licensed, so there are no hidden costs in extra licenses for Dev/Test/QA or DR. They do not charge by-the-process.
  • Blue Prism platform is sold complete, with no add-on costs for additional modules (e.g., analytics, control room).
  • Standard support, maintenance, and new releases are included in the annual price. Advanced support is available with follow-the-sun SLAs utilizing their support centers around the world.

Blue Prism licenses its product on a subscription basis with pricing set by geography, volume and term. Additionally, they provide pricing incentives to buy larger volumes and for longer terms. Don’t worry. WonderBotz is highly experienced and will help you through the key decisions step-by-step. Please fill out the form below to start engaging with us to get a quote.

How to get a Blue Prism trial license

WonderBotz wants each organization to succeed with its Blue Prism trial and we will work with you to make it the very best experience. In addition to providing your trial license, we can facilitate product induction tutorials and provide self-paced on-line training with trainers standing by to help. If you prefer, WonderBotz can also quickly build your proof-of-concept or production pilot.

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