RPA 102: Advanced Blue Prism 

Blue Prism Authorized Trainer
​​Builds upon skills from RPA 101 and covers advanced materials to be mastered by accredited developers. Qualified participants will be given the option to take the Blue Prism® Developer Accreditation Exam at the end of this boot camp.
  • Experienced RPA Developers
  • Experienced RPA Solution Architects


  • Reinforce their foundational skills and learn advanced features and techniques during a four-day project simulation that uses 3-4 custom built applications
  • Gain experience in project lifecycle and delivery road map documents for "real world" process automation exposure
  • Prepare to take the Blue Prism Accreditation exam upon completion of the course


  • ​​Content: Instruction and group exercises as part of multi-day simulated project. Throughout the session, participants will be tested to assess their readiness to take the Blue Prism Accreditation exam.
  • Delivery: Instructor-led in classroom setting
  • Duration: 5-days

​Key stats 

  • Design-thinking in RPA
  • Object layer spying and design
  • Process layer workflow and design
  • Advanced case management
  • Working with email and documents
  • Management information and reporting
  • Release management
  • Bonus: Introduction to advanced features covered in later courses


  • ​​​WonderBotz RPA 101 course or equivalent
  • Completion of the Blue Prism® consolidation exercise
  • Complete required reading and exercises prior to class


​​New students only: Upon receipt of your paid order, you will be sent a form to provide additional information and qualifications to take the class. You will be contacted and interviewed by a WonderBotz trainer who will confirm your eligibility and acceptance to the class.

WonderBotz reserves the right to deny admittance and refund training fees at any time for any reason.