Getting Started with RPA

How to proceed with RPA

Many companies struggle on where to begin with RPA. Some decide to go at it alone and only need guidance and knowledge at key points. Others may go big with a large-scale consulting firm only to find themselves oversold or underserved when it comes to implementation and results.

In our experience, the best ways to get started include:

  • Building a clear vision and plan for RPA, including strategies for setting up a sustainable management system for identifying, building and maintaining the RPA program.
  • Finding help co-piloting launch programs so that you benefit from external RPA expertise while building your own internal expertise, and you learn and succeed.
  • Focus early efforts on already-built-and-proven solutions that others have used, using these low-hanging opportunities as quick learning and early wins.
  • Engaging with a partner that specialized in RPA programs to build out your automations.
  • Learning as much as you can about RPA through research, training and collaboration.

Let WonderBotz help

We are eager and delighted to help you begin or continue (or even resuscitate) your RPA initiative. Contact us to start a new conversation about your needs, or click to learn about our solutions, our services, our premier software license sales and our advisory and courseware training programs.