WonderBotz gives you the benefits of robotics without having to build your capability internally (i.e., operating cost a not a capital investment). Our robots act as your digital employees performing work on your schedule. We build and maintain the required automations and run them on our systems. The robots connect to your applications the same way that a remote employee would, using role-based user ID and passwords provided by you. It's like offshore outsourcing only more secure and responsive and with visibility into work-in-process and completed.
Provide turn-key digital workers

This is your fast path to robotics ROI, increased cost savings, higher productivity, and fewer errors. Leveraging our robots and infrastructures, our professional services team configures your digital workers using the same approach we employ on our projects. We maintain the robots who perform their work to your schedule and specifications. We charge on a unit basis equivalent that is substantially less expensive than offshore labor. This enables our clients to give us a little or a lot of work over time.
Deliver full-service robotics operations

Full-service robotics operations eases stress and effort to maintain your automation solution while ensuring it keeps working as designed. This includes digital worker diagnostics, preventative maintenance and ongoing improvements. Our help desk is a single point of contact for both technical and business users.
Accelerate with pre-configured tools, connectors, and environments

Every situation is unique. However, robotic process automations have common needs and utilizing pre-built code saves you time and money. Our team builds and maintains assets (e.g., control room, robotics build and test environments, code to wrap common industry platforms) to speed and scale your automation efforts faster which yields the greatest value to your organization.

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