New RPA leader success

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Your team must deliver sustainable, automations quickly and at scale to have a material organizational impact and deliver your business case (and, possibly, fund results-based bonus payouts). Working at low scale or taking too long to show significant impact is a recipe for lost sponsorship, lost funding and marginalization.
Does this sound familiar?

Internal meetings go well but you are not getting enthusiastic traction
Many leaders and managers in your organization don't understand the value of robotics and your role, despite notes from sponsors and generous air time for you during staff meetings.

Resourcing challenges are emerging while your plan is coming together
You are actively developing RPA capabilities, forming your team and aligning the organization to your operating model (or vice versa). You may not be confident that you know all of the roles or how many people are needed for each role.

Results so far are promising but not yet material to the organization
You have few automations in pilot or production, some in development and others in the queue; your business clients remain positive while evaluating whether this is a good use of their time.
What's keeping you up at night?​​

  • Losing precious momentum due to a misstep in any one of several projects
  • Taking shortcuts now that become disasters later
  • Looking weak to your leadership for asking for outside help