Help Me Scale

We can help you build and launch your automations, scale them across departments and the enterprise, expand the program, add new automations, purchase software and enable your staff and infrastructure.

Custom built automations

We can help design, build, test and deploy custom automations based on your prioritized backlog of automation opportunities. Our award-winning polymorphic approach with our Robot Way strategy enables us to create enterprise-scale automations that include reusable components that speed future time-to-value.

We make it easy to contract with us as we most commonly use an easy-to-understand complexity matrix as the basis of fix pricing sheet for our services. This approach defines parameters (e.g., number of applications, number of business rules) that are readily understandable for clients who are not experts in RPA development. Very large or complex automations are either divided into smaller pieces or priced using our estimating model.


Backstop provides whatever else you need, whenever you need it. Access all of WonderBotz’s capabilities in a “help desk” model featuring off-site support functions such as extended business hours and access via email, trouble-ticket and telephone support. Backstop can also escalate to on-site assistance when needed. Backstop helps with:

  • Strategic advice
  • Design and configuration authority
  • Level 2 help desk
  • Debugging support
  • Infrastructure help
  • General questions

Staffing “Pods”

Organizations with established robotic operating models who are in need of more developers can utilize WonderBotz Pod services. We provide you with experienced developers, either onsite or remote, who are managed by your team. Benefits include:

  • Most affordable and flexible of the enablement options
  • Multiple practitioners can be deployed alongside your existing teams
  • Speed your RPA time to value

WonderBotz factory approach

WonderBotz provides a factory approach with multiple teams of developers working in parallel to accelerate scale. Generally, at least one of these teams is from your organization, and ultimately, they become the business-as-usual operators. WonderBotz provides the remaining teams through development pods.