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WonderBotz is your one-stop for
Robotic Process Automation
WonderBotz is a pure-play Robotic Process Automation consulting, implementation and managed services firm, known for exellence, uncompromising in our integrity, and nimble for unparalleled client service.

We help organizations monetize and accelerate digital transformation through professional services, client enablement, turn-key solutions and platform licensing.
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Healthcare revenue-cycle

Helped Fortune 10 healthcare services company identify  operational improvements in the BPO services. Our hybrid, best-of-breed  solution, leveraged RPA and traditional technologies to deliver far superior value than a standalone process automation solution.

Claims FNOL (first-notice-of-loss) 

Helped a Fortune Global 200 insurer automate its first-notice-of-loss handling using process automation for improved data quality, to accelerate cost take out and provided needed speed to meet aggressive SLAs.

Consultant's consultant

Helped numerous consulting and BPO organizations develop their robotic process automation go-to-market and capabilities development strategies, and delivered
multiple RPA proof-of-concepts, pilots and production solutions to their clients.

RPA Jumpstart enablement

Helped numerous Fortune 500 clients, including a business services company automating financial chargebacks,  jump-start their process automation capabilities through our unique Blue Prism training program, and quality and mentoring services.
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What we do

WonderBotz delivers enterprise-grade robotic process automations built for reusability, stability and maintainability that incorporate design-thinking, leading practices and quality at their core.
Let's make your organization a robotic process automation success story!
Contact us at info@wonderbotz.com to schedule a demo or learn more about how we could help you be great at robotic process automation (RPA).
Use Cases
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WonderBotz has been compiling use cases based upon our work with clients, partners and others in the marketplace.


Ways to put robotic process automation to work in retail banks, credit card providers and capital market firms.
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Ways to put robotic process automation to work in life, annuities, general insurance/property and casualty carriers.
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Media & Entertainment

Ways to put robotic process automation to work in licensing, copywriting, royalty, synchronization and pitch department, lyrics, and song masters.
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Ways to put robotic process automation to work in provider and payer organizations.
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Finance & Accounting

Ways to put robotic process autaomtion to work in finance, accounting, and tax departments.
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Ways to put robotic process automation to work in human resources, IT management and across operations.
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Data Movement

Avoid complex technical ETL. Use robotic process automation to extract information off-of-the screen rather than use costly IT and DBA resources to build customer code. This approach saves effort and money and is 2-3X faster to implement.
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Data Enablement

Use robotic process automation to connect portals to old legacy systems without necessary APIs; robots utilize user interface and like middleware.
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Functional Use Cases
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WonderBotz has been compiling use cases based upon work with clients, partners and others in the marketplace.